About To Convert My Loft

I am very interested in loft conversions and I a m also thinking about having one done in my home. I looked at a variation of different styles and themes of the room and the ones I like the most are the traditional more comfortable room layouts. There is no particular need for me to get my loft converted I just really like them and I think it will do us good to have another room in the house and on top of that it adds a lot of value to the property too.

I have been looking into different companies that offer loft conversions and the one that stood out to me the most was Buckley Loft Conversions. I really liked the website and I also went through their gallery to see some of the projects they have previously done. I was very pleased with the quality of their work and I am pretty sure these are the guys I want to go with. I will probably give them a ring tomorrow and see how they can help me.

My Review: Fellowes 125I Strip-cut Shredder

What I will be talking about today is a short review on a paper shredder I recently bought. I will be keeping this review short but very useful to those who are looking to buy this particular paper shredder or a paper shredder in general. The paper shredder I recently bought and the one I will be doing this review about is the
Fellowes 125I Strip-cut Shredder.

This shredder first of all looks very nice and stylish as far as shredders go. The one that I have comes in a very smooth black colour with a dull silver trim. The shredder as a built in SafeSense technology, this stops the shredder when your hand touches the paper opening. this is ideal for your safety and everyone else who uses this product. It comes with a 100% jam proof system allowing it to shred with ease. It also comes with SilentShred which offers ultra quiet shredding ideal for office use. The shredder can also shred up to 18 sheets at a time for great efficiency. If you are looking to buy the same shredder the you can visit this site shreddygogo.com for this product and more like them

Tried And Tested Printers

I have tried and tested many printing companies before and now I have found the perfect one and I don’t see myself going to any other Birmingham printers. The reason why I tried and tested many printing companies before I actually ordered properly from them is because I wanted to make sure what I am buying is worth my money. The last thing I wanted to do was spend over £100 on business cards then find out the quality is terrible. After many attempts at finding the right company I found one.

The company is called Big In Ink. Not only did they provide me with the best prints have ever got done, they are also the number one printing company in Birmingham. I had some business card designs already and they also gave me good graphic design advice. The worked with my logo and digitally embossed it so it looked even better on the business card. If you are looking to get some business cards made or you are simply looking for fun and innovative ways to promote your business I would highly recommend them.

How To Achieve Deep Relaxation

When it comes to deep muscle and mind relaxation there are a variety of different ways in which you can help guide yourself in that deep relaxed state. There are many of you who prefer to follow the old ways when it come to relaxing which is perfectly fine, however, for some of us our bodies can and will get used to it and this will make the technique less effective . The easiest way to prevent this problem is by adding a variety of different ways in which you choose to relax so your body doesn’t get use to it. This works because our body then cannot predict whats coming next so it won’t adapt to it.

hot tub black

A lot of the favourite ways to relax are by watching TV and listening to music. these ways are great to relax your body and give your mind a break from the stress you may have because your mind is occupied and enjoying this activity. Many other ways such as listening to reading a book, playing video games, taking part in an activities you really enjoy is key such as bathing in a hot tub, hot tubs are the ultimate deep body and mind relaxation.

Leaking Radiator

So I was having a lot of troubles with my central heating system. It didn’t seem to give out as much heat as it use to and it would take a really long time for them to actually get to the temperature it was set to, this meant that I had to keep my heating on constant. Keeping my heating on constantly was starting to be a real drain on my income so I decided I should call a plumber soon to give it a once over.


A few days later my radiator started to leak so I told my daughter to call an emergency plumber to fix the problem and give a diagnosis on the heating system. When I came home I saw that the plumber did a great job of fixing the situation and he told my daughter that the was a build up of debris within the system thats what caused the leak and the poor heat it was producing. I was really pleased with the service this guy provided it was very professional.

My Favourite Bespoke Jewellers

When it comes to buying jewellery there is only one place to go to when you are in need of fine hand crafted jewellery. At this moment in time you may be wondering what the jewellers are called and you may be wondering this because are similar to me in a sense of that I only like to purchase fine hand crafted jewellery that is very elegant and unique. If you aren’t like me but you are still interested I would like for you to continue reading and I will explain.

wedding rings birmingham

This jeweller that I go to is called Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery, Hamlingtons have been around for generations and been running successfully ever since. The reason why I go here is because they offer bespoke jewellery and the make it themselves so there isn’t a middle man which is ideal when I am after something special. If you too would like to visit Hamlingtons there are many jewellers across the nation you can go to. See their website to find out more.

Various Ways To Relax

When it comes to relaxation, I have tried and tested various different ways and techniques to relax and so far hardly any of them seem to give me that deep mind and body relaxation I require. This is the reason why I took it upon my own hands to try and find a way to help my self achieve this deep relaxation. I previously tried things like listening to music, downloading apps that aid relaxation for the iPhone, reading books, placing scented candles and various other ways non of them worked as well as I would have imagined.

hot tubs coventry

I did some research online on how you can truly relax and how other people similar to myself who are struggling to make the most out of their relaxation. There were a few interesting ways in which you can relax that I came across. The one that interested me was a hot tub. I knew that hot tubs are found at spas that offer the best luxury relaxation but for some reason it never came across my mind.

What a Guy

I had to call a mobility scooter repairs guy that I have kwon for a very long time. He is a good friend of mine and specialises in mechanical repairs. If you haven’t gathered why I called him over I would be slightly shocked, if you haven’t keep reading and I will explain.

So I live with my mother and she has difficulties walking, because she has troubles walking this is the reason why I bought her a mobility scooter about 8 months ago. It had been working fine and my mother has been making good use of it ever since. It has been ideal for her and unfortunately it stopped working 2 days ago. This is where my friend comes into it. I called him over to see if he could possibly fix it because my mother needs it and I do not want to purchase another one but I would if I had to. Luckily after about half an hour he realised what the problem was. The wire was burnt out so he had to replace it. He replaced it and it was working within an hour! What a great guy.

Helping My Friend With His Installation

I headed over to my friends house who was having work done to his home. He was decorating and improving his living room. He already had the wall re plastered and he also had the floor removed to make way for the new heating system. He called me over because he was in need of my help to install the underfloor heating. He had bought underfloor heating mats and I told him they where the best way to heat you your tiled flooring a long with heating up your whole room comfortably and efficiently. Underfloor heating will benefit him and others because it has very low running costs and has equal heat distribution so you will never find a cold spot like with the usual central heating systems.

underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is very easy to install, I had installed underfloor heating in my home hence, why I recommended it to my good friend. He bought the underfloor heating mats which are ideal and I installed them very easily. All we need to do now is place the flooring.

What a collection

I went to stay over at my uncles house a few days ago. His house is truly amazing, but then I again I would expect it to be with the business he owns. He owns a luxury car hire service, ranging from Audi’s to Lamborghini’s he has a huge collection. His car collection at home is unreal! I am a bug fan of cars and luckily I am close to my uncle so I can go and visit when I please and experience what it is like to sit in the magnificent cars. My Uncle likes white cars he has 3 main cars and they are all white. He has a white Range Rover Sport, White Lamborghini LP640 (my favourite) and a white Rolls Royce.

His businesses very successful and is based in central London. His business has been running successfully for 8 years now and it shows when enter his home. His home has 8 bedrooms and marble flooring everywhere with white walls. Everything about the home is just inspiring from the multi functional showers to the motion sensor lighting he’s got it all. One thing I noticed while I was with him was his promotional pens. They are so smart, they are high gloss black shells with his company logo on it. I had to take one off him.

Looking to stretch your lobes?

If you are looking to stretch your ears there are a few things you need to know before you can even think about starting the stretching process. First of all you have to understand that ear stretching is a form of body modification and should be done with care and attention.

If you are looking to stretch your ears you need to purchase an ear stretching kit. The best stretching kits and most recommended ear stretching kits are the surgical steel taper kits. Ear taper sets are the easiest and most effective way to stretch your ears. You have to make sure the area you are stretching is clean and bacteria free. when you start the stretching process you have to remember that the ear lobe will be torn slightly and it will heal in the shape and size of the taper itself. While it is healing it should be treated virtually the same as a fresh piercing and requires regular cleaning. If you are uncertain on how to stretch your ears then you must follow an ear stretching guide.

Maintain Your Garden For Less

Do you own a large piece of land that requires a lot of watering? Do you love gardening and require a lot of water to maintain it? If your answer to these questions are yes then great! This post is ideal or you, if not don’t worry.

water tanks

We all know that if you are trying to maintain a garden or a lush green lawn, it requires a lot of watering. Watering your garden or land can be very costly due to large amounts of water being used. To save money on your water costs theres one simple solution and that is to purchase a water tank. Water tanks are ideal for storing large amounts of water with quick and easy access while providing you with water for gardening and many other uses such as cleaning and feeding your pets. Water tanks can come in many different shapes and sizes and are ideal for gardening and farming use. If you are looking to buy a water tank you may want to look into the size of the water tank to suit you.

The Money Making Ring

One of the biggest money making jewellery are the engagement rings. Engagement rings are given to the partner as an offering for future marriage. It is then worn by the female to represent her loyalty to her groom to be. Traditionally, the engagement ring was to show the bride that the groom is financially stable and will be able to bring up their daughter well.

wedding bands


For this reason the engagement ring is highly valuable and usually the most expensive ring you’ll bye. The wedding ring on the other hand is usually a lot simpler and it doesn’t have to impress others. For this reason wedding rings are usually cheaper to buy. Engagement ring can be bought from fine jewellers. Here in the UK Birmingham is the best place you can go to buy engagement rings. Engagement rings in Birmingham are very popular with hundreds of jewellers to choose from in Birmingham alone. If you really want to look at loads of jewellery you should definitely visit the Jewellery Quarter.

Learn a Language

When it comes to having to learn a new language, it can be difficult to do so at a later age, but there are plenty of education options out there for learning a language and you definitely shouldn’t put it off.

Learning multiple languages allows you to connect and communicate with more people for both social and business, with a lot of global jobs requiring a second language as an essential quality in a potential candidate.

There is a wide selection of different languages you can choose to learn such as French, Spanish or some more widely spoken but unique languages such as Chinese.

Whichever you decide make sure you get the best quality tuition and find lessons at The Language Machine, who are a leading provider of language lessons in areas across the country.


Warm Up This Winter

It’s been a cold one this winter, one of the coldest I can remember in recent years. It’s felt like the ever ongoing snow was never going to end, and from looking at the forecast for the next few weeks, it doesn’t look like improving any time soon.

What better way to warm you, your home and especially your feet up this winter than an underfloor heating system. The advantages and benefits of underfloor heating are endless so there’s plenty of reason to be ringing a specialist up this year and getting a system installed in your home.

underfloor heating


A quality installation of a underfloor heating system should mean that the maintenance and running costs are considerably lower than a central heating system, mainly because there are no moving parts, so if correctly installed and ensuring a high quality pipe network there should be no problems to come further down the line with your system.

A fantastic advantage of underfloor heating as appose to a standard heating system is that a radiant current used produces less amounts of dust than convection heating.

Get a free quote from the UK’s leading underfloor company here: http://www.underfloorheatingsystems.co.uk


Looking For Business Cards?

Having a great business card can do you the world of good when meeting new and existing clients. Being able to leave them with something that creates a long lasting memorable impression of not only you and your company, but what you stand for and your products.

printers birmingham


But where do you find the solution to create the perfect business card? Well we recently wanted to find out who was the best for us, so set out on a search for printers Birmingham and took some sample business cards from a host of different companies from the same design, and compared the results we got back to decide who was the best.

A particular company that stood itself out from the rest was Big in Ink, who offer a wide range of printing solutions to meet the needs and requirements of every business and individual no matter how big or small.

So if you’re on the lookout for printing Birmingham, then get on to the team over at Big in Ink. Their client success speaks for itself and the design team over there really do come up with some fantastic ideas, anything is possible! And the best part about it all is that they are probably more reasonably priced than most others in the market.

Fix That Leak!

When you have a leaking pipe in your home it can cause some quite serious problems to not only decorating, but also the internal structure of your home if it is not dealt with in the correct manor by a professional plumber who knows how to locate the problem and effectively deal with it. The longer it is left the more severe it may become over time.

plumber in wolverhampton


I recently had to have some plumbing done in my home so did a local search for Wolverhampton plumbers and found the site of a company who looked very professional so decided to give them a call for a quote and to take a look at what needed doing.

There are plenty of websites out there that offer comparison between tradesmen, but the reviews on here can sometimes be manipulated to give a poorer company a better outlook. CH Plumbing did some fantastic work and I would strongly recommend them to anyone in the Midlands.

Lose Weight and Tone Up!

It’s the start of the year and it’s in this post christmas period where tens of thousands of us decide it’s about time we decided to sign up to the gym, and start shedding off those extra pounds in preparation for the summer months ahead. But it’s never that straightforward, and maintaining a healthy eating regime, alongside a consistent diet and exercise plan can be slightly more complicated than you think.

Suspension trainer


A lot of people see success through crash dieting and these so called wonder diet plans, but this is short lived and a huge percentage of people end up putting the weight back on in the long run. There has been an upcoming in the use of suspension training kits and TRX ropes to help train and tone isolated parts of the body. This can aid in toning, weight loss and health improvement to give you the results you crave.

The leading company on the market for suspension training and TRX products at the moment is Kinectivate. They have a wide selection of products on offer at fantastic prices. Check out their site at the link below:


Save Our Water!

Today we are going to be discussing a selection of methods that can be used to help the planet environmentally and save on our water consumption, and also how we can use water to generate power through some great fossil fuel saving methods! Water is every where all around us, all the time – our bodies are constructed of predominantly water, and so is the surface of the planet constituting around seventy percent!

In today’s post the focus is going to be rainwater harvesting and saving the planet. This process is the collection of falling rain into water storage tanks, which allows it for re-use in agriculture and farming purposes, alongside gardening and even drinking water in your home if treated correctly.

rainwater harvesting


I recently installed a rainwater harvesting system into my home, which uses a large water tank. My annual water bill has been reduced around thirty to forty percent, which is a huge drop when you think about it, and by installing one of these systems into your home, you could do the same!

Dealing With Pests

When there’s an intruder into your home its never nice, whether that be a person or a pest it needs dealing with effectively, efficiently and as quickly as possible before the problem becomes worse and worse.

There’s a huge amount of different pests and different ways they can effect you and your home, but these effects can be detrimental and damaging to both your health and your house – so it’s crucial to deal with them as swiftly and effectively as possible.

A lot of people try and deal with the problem themselves but don’t deal with it properly, which can lead to the pests returning or making it even worse! But we have help from a Midlands based pest controller who offer the best pest control Lichfield and in the area’s all across the West Midlands.

pest control lichfield


So don’t wait around for the problem to sort itself, get the professional pest controllers in today for a quote and let them work their magic and restore your home to where it should be!

Portrait Perfection

When it comes to choosing a photographer it is important that you select someone who is a professional in the specific area of photography you’re looking for. There’s no point selecting a wedding photographer if you’re looking to upload some new images of products to your website!

We can strongly recommend a portrait photographer London who also specialises in a selection of other areas within photography, and has put together a fantastic portfolio of clients both small and big to date.

portrait photographer london

Portrait photography involves taking a shot of a person or group of people with the dominant focus being on the face, although the body and background can sometimes be included too depending on the circumstance of the photo.

There are a variety of different lighting techniques used to create different effects within a shot and its important that as a photographer you understand these and can implement them in different ways to create the desired effect.

Drain Away Your Problems!

Don’t let rain put a dampener on your day. If you live in an area prone to flooding then I would advise that you give Cotterill civils a ring to talk about their excellent prices on drainage pipe.

Knowing the correct piping to use is vital and at Cotterill civils they have over 25 years of experience and can help you every step of the way when trying to achieve a well drained, non flooding plot of land. A selection of perforated and un-perforated piping can be bought and also installed by the team to a very high trade standard with a various array of piping diameters to suit whatever the job it at hand. So don’t let drainage problems get you down and check out Cotterill civils today!

The Best Bang For Your Buck!

If you’re looking for the highest quality of jewelry for the best prices available, then I would highly recommend visiting the Jewellery quarter Birmingham. The Birmingham jewellery quarter has a wide variety of shops that offer thousands of pieces of jewellery to the public for great reasonable prices.

Weather you are looking for an engagement ring, a timeless watch, statement earrings, or any other type of jewellery then this is the place for you. Guaranteed satisfaction and the likelihood of finding the piece you have always dreamed of is of a high chance. Make your partner happy and love you forever by visiting Goldcraft at the Birmingham jewellery quarter today!

Looking For Driving Lessons?

Learning to drive can be a pretty daunting task, mainly because of the time and cost of gaining your full license. We have a great new company based in the West Midlands called DRIVE Birmingham, who are a leading provider of manual driving lessons, crash and intensive driving courses and automatic driving lessons.

Finding the right instructor can be a bit of a pain, as there are many out there who overcharge for the quality of their services, or if you decide to go with the cheaper fleet companies who offer bulk driving lessons you normally end up with a different instructor each lesson so its hard to progress on your individual requirements.

driving lessons birmingham


If you’re looking for the best driving lessons Birmingham then look no further than DRIVE, their team of ADI approved instructors have years of experience within the field and boast one of the leading pass rates in the industry nationwide.

Whether you’re looking for an instructor for regular lessons, or an intensive course which will have you passed and on the roads in no time, they have the solution for your needs.

It’s not all about just teaching people how to pass their test, its also about teaching people how to drive safely and efficiently on the roads after passing, which means the percentage of having an accident is considerably lowered.

Water Water Everywhere!

As the title of today’s article clearly states, water is literally all around us all the time, and even inside us – the average human consists of between 50 to 75 percent water, so its important to replenish these stores when dehydrated.

Around 71 percent of the Earth’s surface area is covered with water, whether it be from salt water oceans, or freshwater lakes and reservoirs. You don’t realise how much it really is around us until you see figures like this.

water tanks


The focus of today’s blog is going to be on water conservation and storage via means such as water tanks. These are simple containers made for storing water in such applications as farming, irrigation, drinking water, fire suppression just to name a few – the list is endless!

A variety of materials are used when produced a water tank including plastic, metal or even concrete. There are three main types of tank that we will be discussing below.

water tanks


The first are chemical contact tanks, made from polyethylene – these allow time for retention time for treatment chemicals to take effect on product water.

The next type we will be discussing are ground water tanks. Produced from carbon lined steel, these tanks receive their water from sources such as wells or from surface water – which can then be reused when the demand is high.

The final type of tanks are elevated water tanks, which are also known as a water tower. The way these work is by creating an elevated pressure at the ground level outlet of 1 psi per 2.31 feet of elevation. In most domestic and commercial applications around 30psi is sufficient, so tanks are elevated to around 70 feet.

The Jewellery Trade

Welcome to another jewellery article from us guys here at the Outlet Paris blog, you know we always love to provide you with the most up to date news, information and pieces about what’s going on the in the jewellery trade at the moment.

And today’s no different we will be looking at the locations of some of the most prestigious jewellers in the United Kingdom – offering a wide selection of gold jewellery or maybe even some more extravagant pieces such as diamond engagement rings.



There are plenty of fine jewellery shops located with the Hatton Garden area of London, creating a fantastic vibe within the heart of the United Kingdom’s capital. Also the jewellery quarter in Birmingham, is home to the largest collection of jewellers in Europe! This draws in plenty of commuters nationwide to see what this historic place has to offer.

When shopping for jewellery, the West Midlands is a fantastic place to start, and visiting the quarter or there are some great shops located in surrounding areas such as Coventry, Leamington Spa and Solihull.

The Home Edition of the Spa

If you’ve ever been to a spa before then you were probably quite interested when seeing the title of today’s blog post, as we will be discussing the question of whether or not to purchase a hot tub.

hot tubs coventry


We went out to look at a range of hot tubs coventry and viewed a wide range of tubs in a selection of stores. There’s so many variations within jacuzzi’s its crazy, with a host of massage jets catering to your every need in these amazing things.

When choosing to bring one of these pieces of luxury into your home, then you are making a fantastic life choice! They can be placed either indoors or outdoors with a sturdy cover to prevent falling leaves and any other dirt or debris looking to clog up your tub.

A lot of companies offer comprehensive zero percent finance packages to entice sales, and these payment plans mean that you can tailor repayments to meet your needs, and not have to miss out on this piece of luxury.

It’s all in the Ring

The big day is coming nearer and nearer, and you still haven’t sorted one of the most crucial aspects of the whole day, the rings. In today’s post we will be discussing our recent trip out into Birmingham’s prestigious jewellery quarter area, which plays host to some of the leading jewellers in the country – who provide a wide selection of wedding and engagement jewellery.

The quarter is renowned for having some of the best wedding rings Birmingham, with a wide selection of rings available ranging from platinum and palladium through to 9ct and 18ct gold, there is something to meet your every need here.

wedding rings birmingham


The jewellery quarter itself is home to a lot of jewellery dealers and manufacturers who produce around eighty percent of the jewellery sold here. If you are visiting there are also plenty of restaurants and bars to meet your food and drink needs, some of which help to provide an excellent nightlife alongside a vibrant daytime shopping style.

If you’re not quite at the wedding planning stage yet, but are on the lookout for engagement rings Birmingham then there are also some beautiful and elegant pieces on offer. Diamond engagement rings have proven to be extremely popular and the jewellery quarter is home to some of the best rings you’ll find in the United Kingdom at amazing prices.

Based in Lichfield? Send Your Online Business Upwards

You may well have heard of something called search engine optimisation or quite simply put, SEO. It is the process of improving a websites positioning within search engine results for specific keyword phrases.

If you are local business take a look at this SEO Lichfield page for more information on search engine optimisation and how it can really help your business to take off

seo lichfield


Most of the competition in the area probably aren’t doing any kind of SEO, so if your business thrives on local custom its great to target these local keywords and achieve a high ranking in order to ensure conversion of those potential customers over your competitors.

Many businesses have seen themselves turned around by optimisation campaigns and with the way the world is moving digitally, you would be a fool not to invest in such a service.

Claiming Compensation After Car Crash

Recently I was involved in a car crash, fortunately it wasn’t too serious but did leave me with some minor injuries including whiplash and a few minor broken bones, so a little more than your average collision.

I got in contact with a solicitor Birmingham who gave me some information regarding the law in personal accidents and how I should go about starting a claim for the injuries I had sustained during the crash.

solicitor birmingham


I must say, from start to finish they were excellent, helping me with every step of the claim and in the end I received around nine thousand pounds in compensation. This helped to pay for the time I had off work and any medical expenses incurred during my recovery.

I would strongly recommend them to anyone, very knowledgable in a variety of aspects of law and could help you with a claim or any other legal issues you may have.

For some more information about law see here.

Glisten Like Gold

We ventured out into the jewellery quarter in the heart of Birmingham city centre on the weekend in the search for some pieces including earrings, chains and even some rings.

The quarter itself plays host to a range of restaurants, bars, jewellers and even a historic museum from an old manufacturing plant, which really helps to give an insight into the iconic heritage this part of the city holds.

jewellery quarter birmingham


The first thing we set out to look for was a 9ct gold chain and visited a selection of jewellers. Availability in a variety of styles and sizes these fantastic chains are well priced and a stylish piece that can be a simple addition to make any outfit a special one. Here’s a picture below of the chain we purchased.

9ct gold chain









We continued our hunt around the quarter in the lookout for some gold earrings. Again like with the chains, these are available in a huge range of styles and size, with something to meet everyones needs.

wedding bands


Finally we looked at some fantastic wedding rings available from a family run jeweller in the quarter. When buying any kind of diamond jewellery it is vital to ensure that you are only purchasing a product that uses certified diamonds.

certified diamonds


Using only certified diamonds ensures that a stone is going to have legal and quality assurances, and that there can be no discrepancy in the value of the stone due to its aspects such as carat and clarity, because they are detailed on a certificate signed from a diamond institution.


Looking For Limousines?

In today’s post we will be discussing a new online limousine reservation and rental service.

It’s called Your Limo Hire, a relatively new site but not to be taken lightly at all. They offer a range of limousine’s with anything from your standard right through to specialised hummer vehicles.

limo hire birmingham

Services included are limo hire Birmingham, Essex and London currently, with support for further area’s coming when higher demand is there.

Their aim is to bring the lowest prices on limousine hire to you! While maintaining a quality service with rates around thirty percent lower than independent rental companies.

People use limo’s for all types of occasions, whether it be for a special birthday or an event such as a prom, Your Limo Hire has a solution for you.

If you’ve ever had to book a limousine before, if you have tried quotes from a few companies you will soon find out how expensive these luxurious vehicles are to hire. That’s where the site comes into play, bringing the best price available in your area.

They also have a fantastic online reservation system, that allows you to select a vehicle date and time for the booking, so you can have it sorted within minutes!

Visit the site today and see what you think http://www.yourlimohire.co.uk